Today`s object of affection is a tricky one and it could easily be filed under Love-it-or-hate-it// Marmite-reactions category (for those of you who are not familiar with this product, Marmite is the name of an yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing that British people usually enjoy for breakfast and which for me equals with eating pitch). The peacock chair, also known as the fan chair or even the Emanuelle chair (after a scene in the eponymous erotic movie from the 70s) can pass both as a hippie cliché or a perfectly balanced accent piece, combining the right amount of glamour and exotism. For me it conjures up images of midnight garden parties or sun-drenched conservatoires.

The peacock chair, originally from south Asia, arrived in the early 20th century in the United States and charmed the wealthy with its exotic look and intricate woven details. Since then, it has known periodical comebacks in vogue in the realm of pop culture and interior design. Named by WSJ, “the hardest working chair in showbiz”, the chair oscillated from being Hollywood`s prop of choice to the symbol of 70s boho-chic youths to the creepy chair of Morticia Addams. Being an all time favorite of fashion stylists, the peacock chair was the backdrop of numerous pictorials starring celebrities ranging from Elizabeth Taylor to Brigitte Bardot or Al Green.

This furniture piece has been part of popular culture for more than 100 years and today it`s experiencing a major revival. And it`s no wonder why it has once again, caught the attention of design lovers- they don`t call it a peacock chair for nothing: just as a flirtatious peacock male, it demands to be noticed.