For Hybrid, they collaborated with CTRLZAK in order to highlight the history of cross-fertilization between Western and Eastern aesthetics. The tableware, cast in bone china, is graphically divided: one half of the object resembles traditional Chinese porcelain, while the other side features European design.In 2013, together with Valentina Caretta from Fabrica, they launched Egg of Columbus, a hanging lamp made of recycled paper, which resembles the texture of egg boxes. Bonus: it looks as a maid cap and it`s at the same time eco-friendly and modern. Among my favorite objects, I would also mention the Moresque table lamp, inspired by the Alhambra Palace, MRND lamps, the Neon Art alphabet, which started a whole trend, the Inception silicone dish rack, which resembles the Manhattan skyline and yes, Christopher Nolan`s movie played an important role in its genesis. Seletti also teamed up with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and artist Maurizio Cattelan, the pranksters between Toilet Paper magazine. The result was Seletti wears Toilet Paper, an irreverent collection of printed bowls, trays and kitchen towels, that would steal a smile even from the Pope. Stefano Seletti is happy with his achievement :

“Maurizio Cattelan, who has made pieces worth a million euros, now does the opposite: a million pieces for a euro […]I wouldn’t claim that what we’re doing in commercial terms is political, but it really does seem to me to be one of the most farsighted application of design”, said Seletti in an interview for

You`ll be surprised to know that, despite owning a sprawling kingdom and being frequently dubbed the Fornasetti of the new millennium, you can spot Stefano sporting his trademark beard at Ostelo Bello, a hostel in Milan which he considers to be one of the most cosmopolitan places in town. If you`re not planning a trip to Milan soon though, you can still get a glimpse of his universe here, in Bucharest, at Neogalateca or Atelier Anda Roman.