Interiors are reflections of the self and therefore, the most intimate way to delve into someone`s life story. This is why taking a sneak peek at someone`s personal space is like reading his autobiography: you get to observe if they`re chaotic or well organized, if they`re nostalgic or practical, you are offered clues regarding their interests. So whenever I lack inspiration or feel like meeting someone new, but without the hassle, I return to Francois Halard`s photography.

French-born Francois Halard is THE interior photographer- his lens has seen everybody`s who`s anybody home, from Robert Rauschenberg to Richard Avedon, and some world famous architectural gems like Casa Malaparte and Maison de Verre. But this is not about name-dropping. His eye is obviously attracted to organized chaos, vast, quirky collections and blueprints of lives well lived and his evocative photographs always take his viewers on insightful trips. He practices a sort of sensorial photography, that conveys an intimate atmosphere and manages to stir the viewer`s imagination.

“A house is like a mirror of yourself and the freer you are, it shows in the photography and in the house itself. I know I mix periods and furniture and paintings from different places and times. I have furniture that I bought in France, that went to New York, went back to France, went back to New York, back to France and back to New York again. So it would have cost me less to buy a new one, but I was attached to the one I had. So it’s like girls with favourite dresses and they don’t want to get rid of them.”
Francois Halard in an interview by Nacho Alegre for Apartamento Magazine

In case this glimpse on his work has captured your imagination, my opinion is that the best way to experience his photographs and stimulate the armchair traveler in you is by flipping through the big scale monograph published by Rizzoli a few years ago that you can find here.