Designed by Marco Zanuso in 1946, Lady chair could be considered a symbol of post war Italy, which experienced an intense period of reconstruction at the time of its creation. In this effervescent context, the editor of Arflex confined young designer Marco Zanusso the creation of a new chair, whose design would include the utilization of a new technology – the polyurethane foam. The result was more than satisfying and the curvy armchair, exuding charm and sensuality, hence its name, won the first prize at the 1951 Triennale.
Lately, Italian modernist pieces have made a great comeback ( if you ask me, they always made for great centerpieces on which to base your entire deco plan) . And who else better to confirm the versatility of Lady Chair (and prove that I am not just blabbing) than brilliant design duo, Dimore Studio, whose Milanese showroom is pictured above.